The First Rule of Sewing Club…

Odessa Denby
5 min readJun 19

Should you hide your creative hobbies from friends and family? It’s complicated.

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Hobbies are polarizing things. In essence, they are supposed to be the things we choose to do because we like, or even love them. They help fill the time between work, chores, and other responsibilities.

Being able to have the time and money to engage in hobbies isn’t something everyone can realistically do. Plenty of us maybe just watch a bit of tv before heading to bed and starting our day’s cycle all over again.

So, let’s say you can carve out a little time and put aside a little money to actually pursue something you’re interested in. It’s hard to argue with that, right? Well, that’s where letting other people in can cause problems.

Monetizing Hobbies

The monetization of hobbies is the siren song of our current era where everyone needs to “hustle,” and indeed, if you have little money to dedicate to doing something you love, it can be tempting to make that hobby earn its keep, so to speak. And plenty of people with tell you that’s exactly what you should be doing — nothing in this world can be solely for pleasure, but it must also earn a profit.

To be honest, that’s why I started a YouTube channel. I wanted to start learning how to sew and create costumes, but fabric and tools can be expensive and thanks to the pandemic, my work was unpredictable, so monetizing my hobby seemed to be the only way to ensure I could pursue it.

But then comes imposter syndrome.

There is always someone out there who is better or more experienced than you. And random strangers love to point that out if you are creating anything in a semi-public way, which is often necessary to monetize your work.

You’re not a professional — that’s the point of a hobby, isn’t it? So you may lack some of the training and background necessary to be considered “professional.” Many hobbyists are self-taught, and to be honest, even if you have the skill/talent/expertise to make yourself a professional, it’s harder than ever to make the money you need to survive through creative careers.

Often, our true passions must be relegated to whatever time we can spare while we spend a great deal of our…

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