Tell anyone you’re going to France and whether they’ve been there or not, they’ll likely have an opinion on the folks that call Paris home.

It started innocently enough. A friend of mine heard that I had guests visiting from France and asked me to bring them over for lunch. She was inviting some others from the community and thought it would be a good chance for everyone to mingle. …

Why do we assume that western people living in Asia are only there because they have failed out of life at home?

“We have a name for guys like that: LBH,” a young Japanese woman in a video clip confides in her audience. While humorous speculation over possible meanings to the acronym peppered the comments, those in the know quickly identified the meaning: Loser Back Home.

What Is An LBH?

The LBH has a pretty specific…

Is it toxic for mental health or a useful post-pandemic coping mechanism?

A recent trend on YouTube and TikTok is the idea of “becoming the main character” or “romanticizing your life.” Looking at your life as a narrative isn’t a new idea. Throughout history, diarists have written about their life sometimes with the intention of it being published. …

When class and societal roles are more fluid than in eras past, there are new ways to identify the have and the have-nots.

As a professional beauty and lifestyle writer, I have researched many fashion brands. Something becomes clear as I look at boutique indie brands, higher-end luxury, and sustainable brands: these brands are typically only for thin women.

I remember rolling my eyes harder than is probably recommended when I read one…

Odessa Denby

Professional writer and editor, former expat. Conscientious lifestyle and relationships, mental health, and the arts. Instagram: des_the_crafty_fox

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