I’m the first to despair over those from my country of birth never thinking about travel beyond their country’s borders, but there are reasons behind it you may not have considered.

“I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but I lived in 4 different countries by the time I was your age,” a German friend scoffed at me when I was 25.

Indeed, to most Americans, the idea of living in 4 countries before 25 would be extremely impressive. Of…

Korea is an amazing country to visit, but if you plan on living there long-term and working there, it can be a minefield of baffling cultural differences.

When meeting people who visited Korea in the past, almost universally, they have only positive things to say, and often, they will lament that they would love to live in the country one day. But, when speaking to people who lived in the country and worked there, it’s a mixed…

Tell anyone you’re going to France and whether they’ve been there or not, they’ll likely have an opinion on the folks that call Paris home.

It started innocently enough. A friend of mine heard that I had guests visiting from France and asked me to bring them over for lunch. She was inviting some others from the community and thought it would be a good chance for everyone to mingle. …

Why do we assume that western people living in Asia are only there because they have failed out of life at home?

“We have a name for guys like that: LBH,” a young Japanese woman in a video clip confides in her audience. While humorous speculation over possible meanings to the acronym peppered the comments, those in the know quickly identified the meaning: Loser Back Home.

What Is An LBH?

The LBH has a pretty specific…

Odessa Denby

Professional writer and editor, former expat. Conscientious lifestyle and relationships, mental health, and the arts. Instagram: des_the_crafty_fox

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